What we do each week

As a network of churches, we are passionate about gathering together as a community and doing life together as we seek to build our relationship with God and share it with others. We know that preparing for college, moving to a new city, entering into a new season of life, and finding a new church can be overwhelming. Yet, we would encourage you to come and join us on a Sunday morning and meet our staff team and students while on a college visit or on a weekend before coming to school. 

Each of our H2O campuses operate a little differently and may use some different terms; however, there are a few consistent things that you can expect no matter where you journey.

sunday Gatherings

We believe in the importance of a local church. H2O Church operates as a local church on the college campus, hosting services in student unions, campus classrooms, and green space to allow students to easily attend church without needing to go off-campus. In some cases, H2O Church meets in homes or other local buildings based on their campus' codes and restrictions. However, during all of our Sunday services, we gather to worship together and are equipped through the Word by a teaching from one of our pastors. 

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small groups

We believe that small groups are the heartbeat of the church, a place to connect with others who are seeking to understand God’s Word, apply it to their lives, and build friendships formed in deeper spiritual community. Our small groups typically consist of 5-20 people meeting regularly to share about life, pray, dig deeper into God’s Word, and grow spiritually. Small groups are a place where students can unplug from the chaos of college life and talk about their struggles, questions, and dreams for the future. It is also a place to learn how to live out the mission God has called us to on this campus and in this community: serving and loving others and making disciples of Jesus.

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Serving & Outreach

Following Jesus leads us to be servants to those around us and to engage others with the hope that is in Him. While Jesus calls us to live this out in our personal lives, as a church, we also desire to mobilize our body to collectively share the grace of Christ with the rest of campus and our surrounding communities. 

Some of our regular serving opportunities include: Sunday service teams (ie. worship, greeting, setup, sound, and more); serving students during the week by handing out coffee, bubble tea, pancakes (whatever shows loves to that campus most!); evangelism; and partnering with other local ministries to care for families in need and generally for the community.

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