Welcome | Summer Intensive 2020

We are so glad  that you have chosen to join in this 8-week experience designed to deepen our relational connection with one another and develop us into men and women who walk intimately with God. Throughout the week you will experience 3 major elements:

Main Sessions + Discussion Groups on Thursday evenings | 7:00PM

These sessions include worship, testimonies, and a teaching. Each session will be live-streamed and will include discussion questions and prompts for group discussion. Discussion groups will be set up through your individual church location. The links for the weekly streaming videos are in the weekly groupings below.

Life Group at Various Times through the week

Your local church will determine the content for your life group, based on the content presented in the Main Session Intensive, Sunday Gatherings or any content the church decides will bless and equip you. Weekly challenges will be presented each week designed to help you put what you're learning into practice.

Workshops on Sunday evenings | 7:00PM

H2O staff from throughout the Network will offer workshops on topics related to the overarching theme of hearing from God. A list of available workshops will be provided each week below so that you can sign up and receive the details of how to join virtually. Workshops will not be recorded and will be unavailable outside of the workshop time. We are asking that each participant plan to attend at least 3 workshops through the course of the intensive.

For up-to-date announcements and conversation, join the Summer Intensive Facebook Group.

Weekly Main sessions

Below you will find the links to the main sessions, discussion questions, the weekly challenge, and a list of workshops that are being offered each week. Items will be posted as they become available. If you are still interested in joining a weekly discussion group, please sign up with your individual church location. You can find a listing of locations here.

  • Week 1 | June 4-7

    Thursday, June 4 @ 7pm | Main Session 

    Speaker: Vivake Baranwal | The Ohio State University

    We hear God through the WORD

    Group Discussion Questions:

    1. Is there anything that stuck out to you from the session tonight? Any way you think God may be trying to get your attention?
    2. The Greeks valued the Logos as a source of wisdom. Where do you tend to go first when you have a question or need wisdom? Why is that? 
    3. Hebrews 1 says that God has spoken to us through Jesus. What is something Jesus said or did that gives you a picture of what God is like? 
    4. Tim 3 talks about how Scripture is profitable for teaching, rebuking, correcting & training in righteousness. When have u read Scripture and allowed it to change the way you think/live? 
    5. Vivake brought up ways to “allow the Word to get into us”, such as memorizing the Drage 99, using a resource to help you study the Bible, and making time to be in the Word. What is one way we can help each other be gripped by the Word together this summer?

    Weekly Challenge: Take part in memorizing the Drage 99

  • Week 2 | June 11-14

    Thursday, June 11 @ 7pm | Main Session 

    Speaker: Eric Asp | Kent State University

    We hear God through the HOLY SPIRIT

    Similar to the week on “Scripture”, this is a foundational week for the rest of the Summer. Jesus said it was better for Him to leave and for the Holy Spirit to come because the Spirit would provide so much and speak to us. You could start by explaining who the Holy Spirit is through Scripture. But hopefully, the saints walk away having a greater sense of who He is, and how to discern in the Spirit is speaking to them.

    Group Discussion Questions:

    1. What are your preconceived notions about the Holy Spirit? Do you feel more like Christians around you talk about the Holy Spirit all the time, or that they never talk about the Holy Spirit? Why do you think there’s such a sharp distinction between these two camps?
    2. Which translation of “Paraclete” seems most meaningful to you this week? Some possibilities include: Advocate, Defender, Intercessor, Helper, Comforter, Counselor. Why do you feel that aspect of the Holy Spirit’s presence is meaningful?
    3. What have been some helpful practices that you’ve discovered to help you meaningfully practice the presence of God? How can you lend your experience to others and borrow from the experiences of others to all experience deeper fellowship in the Spirit?

    Weekly Challenge: Spend at least an hour in the coming week practicing one of the spiritual disciplines to practice the presence of the Holy Spirit in our life.

  • Week 3 | June 18-21

    Thursday, June 18 @ 7pm | Main Session 

    Speaker: Kevin Cody | Indiana University

    We hear God through EVANGELISM (living out the mission of God)

    Throughout Acts, there are 4x that it explicitly mentions that the Holy Spirit spoke and directed people to do something. And each time it involved an evangelistic step of faith. When God’s people are engaged in advancing God’s Kingdom, there seems to be a higher likelihood that we would hear from God. So what does it look like to hear from God as we do evangelism? And how can we submit to what God is leading us to do, instead of submitting to our own fears and the tactics of the enemy to discourage us?

    Group Discussion Questions:

    1. What are the most challenging (intimidating, overwhelming, etc.) things you think about when you think about talking to someone else about Jesus?
    2. Why would it be worth it to do so?
    3. How can the other people in this discussion help you overcome some of the obstacles?
    4. How can God help you overcome some of the obstacles?

    Weekly Challenge: Carve out some meaningful time (sit) to ask God (listen) who He would have you tell about Jesus this week, and who can team up with you to do so. Then talk to them about Jesus (respond)!

  • WEEK 4 | June 25-28

    Thursday, June 25 @ 7pm | Main Session

    Speaker: Jon Shah | The Ohio State University

    We hear God through COMMUNITY

    God often seems to speak through other people to us. Maybe it's through an individual we are connecting with, or through our confession during a small group, or through a communal time of worship. But God seems to regularly speak through people, to people. So how can we discern the voice of God within the voice of men & women?

    Group Discussion Questions:

    1. What are some examples from your life of God speaking to you through other people?

    2. What keeps you from having “ears to hear”?

    3. What are some areas of your life that are more difficult to seek input about?

    4. Would you say that you currently have trusted mentors in your life?  What are some ways that you could pursue more relationships like these?

    5. Do you struggle to discern which voices are “from the Lord”?  What has helped you in this area?

    Weekly Challenge: Go ask someone for advice about a spiritual area of your life this week.

    Advanced Version - Go to a trusted friend and mentor and ask…. What is one thing you think I need to hear?

  • Week 5 | July 2-5

    Thursday, July 2 @ 7pm | Main Session

    Speaker: Matt Olszewski | University of Toledo

    We hear God through our SUFFERING

    God often speaks loudly in the midst of our suffering. In fact, God often seems to speak loudest in the midst of our suffering. But how do we tune our hearts to hear His voice in the thick of suffering, when there are other voices that also seem to be so loud?

    Group Discussion Questions:

    1. What do you know for certain you trust about God that is true?
    2. What do you visualize and admit as being your worst fear? If you can answer, how do you visualize what your response to that fear would be? It’s ok to be honest here.
    3. Is there a next step you can take in building relational intimacy with God?
    4. What honest prayers do you need to have with the Lord concerning potential suffering?

    Weekly Challenge: Display your truth about God somewhere; Add a TRUTH about Go to your collection; Tell someone outside of H2O your truth about God

    NO Workshops this week. Enjoy your July 4th Holiday!

  • Week 6 | July 9-12

    Thursday, July 9 @ 7pm | Main Session 

    Speaker: Darryl Phillips | Wright State University

    We hear God through our SILENCE & SOLITUDE

    God can speak to us at any time, anywhere, through any means. But there seems to be a higher likelihood of hearing God when we remove distractions and getaway to be with Him. What is the value of silence & solitude, and how do we cultivate this sort of lifestyle in a culture that doesn’t seem to value it? 

    Group Discussion Questions:

    1. Where’s your favorite place to get alone with God?
    2. Do you feel like you're getting enough time in solitude in order to seek God. Why / Why not?
    3. What gets in the way or keeps you from spending time with God? What helps you to regularly spend time with God?
    4. Share a time when you were alone with God and he spoke to you or filled you with peace, joy, strength, etc.
    5. What helps you connect with God during your times of solitude?

    Weekly Challenge:

    • If you haven’t been spending time alone with God start with 15-30 minutes and do it regularly - every day if you can.
    • If you typically spend a half hour or hour regularly seeking God, spend 3 or 4 hours of uninterrupted solitude once a week or bi-weekly.
    • If weekly you spend a half day or whole day in solitude do two or three days a few times a year.
    • If you’re a full-time missionary or Pastor spend 2-3 days in solitude a few times a year and 5 days in solitude once per year.
    • If you need help with that go to: h2owrightstate.com/go/wilderness
  • Week 7 | July 16-19

    Thursday, July 16 @ 7pm | Main Session   CLICK HERE FOR DIRECT LIVESTREAM

    Speaker: Grant Rohlfer | University of Cincinnati

    We hear God through our OBEDIENCE

    There will probably be times when we feel like we cannot hear from God. No matter how much we seek to live out the content of the previous weeks, we may feel a palpable silence. What do we do then? Through our faithful & worshipful obedience, God can speak not only to us but through us. There is value in persisting in righteousness, no matter how long it takes, because God is speaking.

    Group Discussion Questions:

    • Are you currently in a season of dryness where God seems far from you? If so, take time to discuss what that has been like with your group (be honest the way that David was in Psalm 22:1-2).
    • Have you ever been through a dry time spiritually and later come out of it? If so, how did God bring you out of it? What did you learn from this experience?
    • God is worth seeking in the dry times because He is immeasurably valuable. Why do you believe that knowing God and being close to Him is valuable?
    • What is a way that you have seen God work in the past that gives you hope for how He will work in the future? (See how David reminded himself of the things God did in his life and the lives of others in Psalm 22:3-5, 9-10, and 21)
    • Is there anywhere in your life right now that you are being disobedient to God? Think through the following areas:    1.) Is there anyone that He is prompting you to share your faith with that you have shied away from?    2.) Is there some way that He has convicted you to be generous with your time or money that you have refused?  3.) Is there anything in your life that He has convicted you to give up or quit doing but you have refused to?  4.) If your answer is yes, what are you going to do about it?

    Weekly Challenge: 

    • Take some time to list out all of the ways that you have seen God work in your life and in the lives of those around you
    • Do a thorough check in your life to see if you are being disobedient to God in some way . Ask God about this (Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting! - Psalm 139:23-24) 
    • Ask friends about this  
    • Go be obedient to God in the last thing that He told you to do but that you have neglected
  • Week 8 | July 23-26

    Thursday, July 23 @ 7pm | Main Session   GO DIRECTLY TO THE LIVE FEED

    Speaker: Alfonso Mack | Bowling Green State University

    We hear God through our REMEMBRANCE & CELEBRATION

    Throughout scripture, God often calls His people to remember what He has done, and celebrate. This habit helps us remember how God has spoken, and ingrained within our heart & mind that God delights to speak to us. It cultivates trust in our relationship with the Lord and softens our heart to be sensitive to Him speaking.

    Group Discussion Questions:

    • What are some action steps you will take after the intensive to seek God and hear from Him?
    • What are the distractions in your life that take away from you hearing from God and why do these things distract you?
    • What are some things that you have trouble understanding about Gods word or His character? Who are trusted people in your life you could reach out to that could help with understanding?
    • What things have God done in your life recently that you can celebrate and rejoice in Christ over?

    Weekly Challenge: Take some time this upcoming week to celebrate everything Christ has done this summer by gathering and hanging with friends. This could be done over a meal, party or get together. If you are not around friends you can celebrate with, take an hour this week to intentionally seek God and thank/praise Him and celebrate His goodness in your life. 


    Congratulations on your journey this summer! We hope you were blessed by the experience. The Thursday teachings will remain posted until August 15th.