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Saturday, Feb 27 | 10am-12pm

This year the H2O Network is hosting a virtual Women's Connect! Open to women of all ages - students, city members, and staff, we will be gathering together through Zoom.

Our hope is to connect you in a deeper relationship with the Lord and with women in our church network through a main session as well as breakout sessions, in which we will explore different topics. We will also take time to see how God is working through the H2O Church Network.

Please take a moment to fill out the short registration form for all participants. We will email you the details with the Zoom link and breakout session details prior to the event. These details will also be available right here on the Network site as well!


Sorry that we missed you! Recordings of the Main Sessions and Breakouts will be available on this site in the next few days.

Breakout Session Topics

We are delighted to provide an opportunity for you to connect deeper in your faith and in your walk with the Lord through a variety of breakout sessions, lead by women leaders throughout our Network. 


Each breakout session is numbered according to the Zoom breakout room. Please include the number of the breakout session of your choice in front of your screen name when you sign onto the Zoom meeting provided in your email. 

Breakout sessions will be recorded and provided post-conference via Youtube on this website.

  • Jill Beebe & Julianna Larkin

    Throughout Scripture, we see that the Lord clearly speaks to those who seek him. God

    has provided us with His inspired Word through the work of 35 authors in 66 books so

    that we can come to know his character, his instructions for safe and holy living, and His

    plan to redeem us from our sin. But perhaps you know all this yet struggle to know

    where to start in how to read and understand what the Bible is saying? Join us as we

    dig into the art of biblical interpretation (homiletics) and discover how we can grow to be

    deeply connected to God’s Word.

    circledownarrowFollow along with the talk outline (PDF Fillable Blanks)   circledownarrowDownload the Homiletics Worksheet

  • Alexa Van Dyke & Hannah Richardson

    Every part of our world and lives has been impacted by sin - friendships included. What

    does the Bible say about friendships? What is their purpose? How do we do this well?

    Join us as we discuss God’s design for friendships and how Jesus set the example for

    us as a perfect friend. We’ll also talk through common threats to friendships and how

    the gospel speaks to these issues.

  • Lauren Woolum & Julia Flower

    Our view of God as either trustworthy or untrustworthy is of utmost importance and is

    the foundation of our faith. Do your circumstances affect your trust in God? Do you

    depend on yourself more than you depend on God? Do you sometimes doubt that the

    promises of God are true? Without any guilt or shame for where we might struggle to

    trust in God, let’s explore our hearts and grow our trust in Him together.

  • Jessie Jones & Anna Tyler

    As followers of Christ, we are part of an epic story of rescue by God in which He has

    been and continues to be on a mission to bring redemption and restoration to his

    creation. He is the hero of this story and amazingly enough, this hero has invited us into

    his mission and given us a part to play. In this workshop we'll dive into the story of the

    Bible to learn more about this epic story, our incredible God, and the ways in which he

    uses "ordinary" people in his extraordinary mission.

    circledownarrowDownload the worksheet

  • Eva Frank & Lindsay Slack

    Come join us for a low-key facilitated discussion on marriage. We plan to lift each other

    up and help each other out as we discuss marriage and what it looks like in a year that

    has presented unique circumstances and challenges in every relationship.

  • Marci Asp, Tiffany McClure, Lindsay Cribbs, Amy Drage

    Parenting our kids is one of the most refining things God can do in our own lives as well

    as in the lives of our children. However, our child's development, age, personality,

    needs, etc. shape how we parent them. To help engage this topic and each other we

    have a diverse panel of moms in different seasons of life. We are excited that we have

    moms on the panel with children of varying ages including...preschoolers, elementary

    age, middle schoolers, high schoolers, college goers and adults! Along with age

    differences, we have moms who are walking the journey of having a child with special

    needs and the hardships and triumphs that includes. We are all moms like you who

    want to share what God has taught us thus far in our own journey!

  • Tessa Mitan & Katie Camp

    Join us to discover what it looks like to live out of our identity in Jesus. We'll look at

    scripture to help us understand who we are and how we should live in light of our


  • Kathy Borsos & Molly Goodwin

    As God’s image bearers, we were created with an array of emotions that accompany us

    through our experiences of life. While emotions are good, at times the complexity of

    them can often seem confusing and overwhelming. In this workshop, we will touch on

    how the emotions we experience reflect our Creator and dive deeply into a practical

    tool, The Umbrella of Unpleasant Experiences, that can help us identify and process

    some of the most difficult emotions we may have.