Over 30 years ago, men and women came to Bowling Green, OH and planted a church that was solely focused on college students at Bowling Green State University. The church started to grow and God raised up leaders. This young vibrant church became a flourishing collegiate focused church with pastors and staff committed to carrying the mission forward. Over the years, many students, staff and leaders were sent out to serve in ministries and church plants. God gave us much success in sharing the gospel with college students, raising them up as leaders, and sending them out to love and serve for Jesus.

Decades later, we decided to streamline the focus from not only being a sending church in general, but to a specific vision of starting H2O churches on major campuses in the Midwest. In 2008 we started the H2O Network.

About 10 years ago, God gave us this vision to be to focus on universities in Ohio and beyond. There were lots of doubts. Lots of obstacles in our way. And just being out on a limb and doing what God asked us to do, brought incredible times of intimacy with God. Depending on Him and leaning on Him to come through is a great place to be in our active faith. God has provided in such an amazing way.

We had this vision to grow from one church to many, and now we have seen God’s provision. We have grown from one church in 2008 to over ten churches with over 2000 in attendance. Our hope and goal is to plant at least two H2O Churches every year as we move forward.

We look forward to where God is leading us. Our hope and prayer is that students everywhere would experience Jesus as their Living Water during this important season of life in college.


God is eternal. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Completely good and holy.

The Bible is God’s Word, fully inspired by the Holy Spirit.

The Church is made up of all true believers.

Sin (wrong doing) is a reality for all people, so each of us is separated from God.

Jesus, God’s Son, came into the world to die in order to pay for our sin.

This payment allows those who believe to return to a right relationship with God.

All people are called to turn from their sin and believe in Christ Jesus.

Followers of Jesus are to make disciples, in love and humility.




    We are partnered with SBC (Southern Baptist Convention) & NAMB (North American Mission Board), a non-profit organization with a passion to reach college students with the gospel and helping to start churches all over America. 



    Collegiate Church Network plants and grows collegiate churches devoted to the Great Commission. Through bold proclamation of the gospel, intensive leadership development, and focused church planting, we’re building a network of churches that will greatly influence this country and the world for Jesus Christ.

    There are over 20 churches meeting on 15 college campuses - including the H2O Churches. Click on the website above to find a church on your college campus.